• What is ORIUM?

    Orium is a daily natural hair supplement that reduces hair loss and boosts hair growth. Unlike most hair vitamins, Orium combines medical-grade ingredients called nutraceuticals that are scientifically proven to increase your wellness.

  • How does ORIUM work?

    Hair loss is complicated, and multiple factors contribute to the thinning of your gorgeous locks. Although DNA is a significant factor, research shows a lack of critical nutrients, too much exposure to air pollution, an increase in stress and over-styling contribute to the degeneration of your follicles. Our team of scientists and nutritionists have created a blend of ingredients that help your body fight the impacts of life, resulting in thicker, healthier hair.

  • How do I take Orium?

    Suitable for him & her. Take 3 capsules at once, preferably at the same time each day.

  • Why ORIUM?

    Your hair wellness relies on certain nutrients and conditions to maintain its strength, thickness and health. Your hair is part of your body's ecosystem that can be compromised when essential nutrients and environments change. The daily Orium Supplement brings harmony to your hair's environment and empowers your body to produce positive change. We have combined science with nature and meticulously developed a propriety formulation of 20 clinically-tested ingredients. As a result, the supplement is filled only with what your body needs, with no fillers and responsibly sourced non-GMO ingredients.

  • How is Orium different?

    General vitamins and minerals such as biotin and zinc play a part in maintaining your hair's growth. However, to reach optimal hair wellness, your body requires a variety of nutrients to provide your scalp with the healthy environment it needs to succeed.

  • Where is Orium manufactured?

    We are proud to say our supplements are only ever designed and manufactured in the Uk. Our quality assurance checks exceed industry standards and include the Health Food Manufacturers Association, the Soil Association, the Vegetarian Society and AIB International.

  • Is Orium sustainable?

    We source ingredients from responsible suppliers and develop our products in the UK. We take sustainability seriously, and as part of our ongoing efforts towards climate change, we provide you with packaging that is kind to the earth and your hair. This glass jar is both aesthetically pleasing and infinitely recyclable, giving you the peace of mind that your capsules are stored safely and ready for the next month.

  • Can I take the capsules out of their casing?

    Yes, the Orium growth capsule is safe to open. Feel free to add the powder to your shakes or breakfast.

  • What if I miss a day?

    Don't worry if you miss a day; continue like usual the day after.

  • After I see the results, can I stop taking Orium?

    Unfortunately, if you stop taking Orium, your results will start to fade.

  • Is Orium suitable for everyone?

    Orium is suitable for him and her. However, we don't recommend using Orium if you're pregnant, and please consult with your doctor if you're using prescription medications.

  • Should I take Orium if I'm not losing my hair?

    We always say prevention is better than the cure. Taking Orium will maintain your hair's wellness and help prevent you from suffering hair loss in later life.

  • What are nutraceuticals?

    Nutraceuticals contain a high concentration of a non-toxic food extract derived from natural sources, such as food or plants.

  • What results should I expect using Orium?

    Positive change takes time, and it will take around 2-3 months for your body to generate a healthy environment to start the growth process. Don't worry if you see slightly more shedding at the start of taking Orium; this is your body making room for your new, healthier hair. After 3 - 6 months, your body will produce thicker, healthier hair with less shedding.

  • When is regrowth not possible?

    We are unable to help every case of hair loss. For example, if you're at the later stage of hair loss and your skin has fully grown over the follicle, the Orium supplement won't work on those areas. It will, however, strengthen weaker strands, increase thickness, and boost overall health.

  • What other benefits may I experience when taking Orium?

    Convenience is essential, and we aim to slot it into your life's schedule. With this in mind, we added ingredients that not only help your hair but give your immune system a boost too. Other benefits include improvement in skin, nails and maybe even your libido! You're welcome.

  • Will Orium affect my sex drive?

    Unlike prescription drugs, Orium is 100% natural and will not affect your libido. However, it may increase it!

  • Will orium grow unwanted hair on other parts of my body?

    No, it won't. Our ingredients help to decrease the levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) your body produces, which results in more hair on your head and less in unwanted regions.

  • Is Orium free of nasties?

    We pride ourselves on developing products free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs), soy, dairy, gluten, peanuts, shellfish, wheat, yeast, artificial flavours and colourings. If you do, however, experience unwanted side effects, please discontinue and seek medical advice.

  • Does Orium contain drugs?

    Orium is 100% drug-Free.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    To cancel your subscription, log in to your account and click on 'Subscription'. You will then be able to cancel your subscription by pressing 'Cancel'.

  • How do I pause my subscription?

    To pause your subscription, log in to your account and click on 'Subscription'. You will then be able to pause your subscription by pressing 'Pause.'

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